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7.17.12: Columnist William Raspberry – DEAD!

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His was the most delicious-sounding byline of them all, even moreso than senior political analyst Joseph H. Boysenberry, who was a total dick anyway.


William Raspberry, social columnists for the Washington Post, is dead today at the age of 76. Raspberry was a thoughtful and reasoned thinker who rarely let ideologies determine the trajectory of his beliefs, and that’s why I hated him. It really throws the kind of work I’m doing here into sharp relief. Take it back to North Korea, comrade!

In another column, Mr. Raspberry appeared, at first glance, to deliver a rant about hip-hop music. But he made an unexpected turn, showing how tastes in music reflected the changing realities of young people’s lives.

“My children . . . easily tick off four, five, six friends who have died in the past few years,” he wrote. “Three were homicides — shot down either over drugs or over some offense that would have cost a member of my generation a bloody nose at most.

“ . . . And we worry about song lyrics?”

Provocative columns like that, often centering around a largely apolitical view of modern society, earned him the nickname of Black Andy Rooney. Alright, I’m the only one who called him that. Now I’m just scrounging for fodder here. You might be wondering, did I start writing this post under the assumption that it was going to be about the inventor of the mouth fart, and then realize I was wrong but didn’t feel like looking for a different topic because Futurama is on right now and I’d rather go pay attention to that instead? Well, if you’re gonna hurl wild accusations like that at me then I’ll just end this post right now. There. You brought this on yourselves, you know.

Source: The Washington Post

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