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7.16.12: Deep Purple Founder Jon Lord – DEAD!

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Well, sure, I’d assume keyboard players *would* “do it with their organs,” but I hardly think that’s the kind of information that needs to be on a bumper sticker.


Break out your most solemn bull shirt, because Deep Purple founder and keyboardist Jon Lord is dead today of pancreatic cancer. Lord’s best-known composition is Deep Purple’s stoner rock anthem “Smoke on the Water,” and if you’re currently in your late 30s it’s probably the song you were conceived to. And I bet it was nasty as all hell that night. Just a disgusting buffet of damp, stringy hair, sallow skin, buttplugs drenched in bongwater, all taking place under the watchful eye of a PBR-stained grim reaper black light poster. Good luck keeping that little mental time capsule from forcing its way back into your frontal lobe while you’re trying to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” this weekend.

Lord also worked with Whitesnake, who— and this is just coming down the line right now— were terrible. That news again: Whitesnake, 80s rockers and drifters who were born to walk alone— just an awful, awful band. Rest assured, I’ll be up all night chasing down the details of this exciting and controversial development!

Source: LA Times

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