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2.4.13: Troggs’ Frontman Reg Presley – DEAD!

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REG_PRESLEYThe Troggs, shortly after jettisoning several extraneous members and trimming down to a sparse four-piece, because apparently a 60s British rock band doesn’t need a breakdance squad. Pfft. How illin.’


Musician Reg Presley has died of lung cancer this week, breaking the tradition of musical icons named Presley dying of constipation on their bathroom floors. Alright, so that only happened to one so far, but we really could’ve *had* something there, you know?

Presley was the lead singer for The Troggs, who, according to leading musicologists, specialized in a genre called “rock and roll.” It supposedly caused quite a stir for a while, just ask your parents. Okay, fine; ask your grandparents. Though comatose for decades, rock music didn’t officially die until last year, when Gwen Stefani ruthlessly murdered Adam Yauch. If that weren’t true, how come it’s tagged?

The Troggs had a number of hit songs, including Wild Thing and Love Is All Around, which was covered in the 1990s with huge success by Wet Wet Wet.

The success of the Wet Wet Wet version, which featured on the soundtrack of the hit film Four Weddings and a Funeral, allowed Presley to pursue his interest in crop circles and UFOs.

The singer published a book, Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us, about the paranormal in 2002.

Granted, that’s a pretty silly vanity project, but what else is an aging rock star supposed to do with a sudden influx of late-career royalties for a two-minute song? That’s house money you’re playing with, go nuts. How do you think I finance this stupid blog? You find one pube in your Veggie Works Burrito and Del Taco practically throws money at you to keep it quiet. The secret is sneaking in your own pubes in a vial. Don’t try to wing it in the restaurant like a damn animal, that’s just poor taste. People are trying to eat in there.


Source: BBC

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