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11.9.12: The Delfonics’ Major Harris – DEAD!

Filed under: Dead —James @ 7:15 pm November 14, 2012

Alright, fine: MAYBE he wore it better than me, but I just can’t abide such a dangerous amount of hat canting. Someone could get hurt!


Major Harris, who sang with the Delfonics in the early 70s before striking out on a solo career, died last week. Unfortunately, all I can think about now is how different my life would’ve turned out if my legal first name was Major. So authoritative! I would’ve even settled for Corporal. Man… right now I’d probably be riding across the desert plains with my laser rifle in the back seat and my Russian girlfriend/superspy/international supermodel at my side, fighting injustice in towns where the law has packed up and snuck out when no one was looking. We’d live and die by our wits and gusto, our days filled with the misty-eyed gratitude of simple local townsfolk, our nights with the kind of passionate lovemaking that would make Odysseus and Penelope look like a Four Loko-fueled Craigslist hookup in Atlantic City. Instead I’m stuck with this stupid blue-collar ‘James’ situation, and as a result my life is only, like, 85% of that. It’s fucking bullshit, man.


Source: The Huffington Post

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