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5.29.12: Guitarist Doc Watson – DEAD!

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For anyone doubting that Watson was the most grizzled man of our time, it’s worth noting that this was his high school yearbook picture.


Today’s morbid blog post cash-in is Doc Watson. Watson was notable for kickstarting the trend of declaring yourself a doctor despite not, in actuality, having any medical qualifications. That’s right: Suess, J., Who, Robotnik, Martin, Doom, Feelgood, Teeth, *both* Dres… all frauds. Except for Demento. That guy has some serious credentials.

Watson also played guitar, but that didn’t serve my purposes nearly as well so I didn’t bother mentioning it until now. This is just between you and me, but I’m actually a pretty shitty journalist.

Watson, 89, who recorded more than 50 albums and won seven Grammy Awards, died Tuesday at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., according to his representatives at Folklore Productions, a Santa Monica management company. He had undergone colon surgery Thursday.

With his natural ease as a storyteller, his heartfelt baritone singing, his repository of material and his facility on guitar, Watson was a rare combination of authenticity and artistry.

His example inspired a generation of musicians to explore obscure musical pockets, as well as to upgrade their instrumental technique toward the remarkably high standards he established. He is one of the prime sources of the hybrid, roots-conscious Americana genre, and a key influence on such noted players as Norman Blake, Tony Rice, Buddy Miller and Dan Crary.

Interestingly, yesterday also marked the 15-year anniversary of the tragic death of Jeff Buckley. Unfortunately most of the police departments that I’ve contacted so far refuse to accept that this may be part of a vast conspiracy. It seems pretty obvious to me that the Quindecennial Musician Killer is currently roaming the streets somewhere as the least prolific serial killer of all time. If the clues I’ve gathered are accurate, they’re all gonna look pretty stupid when I successfully foil the 2027 assassination attempt on Kevin Rowland of Dexys Midnight Runners.


Source: LA Times

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5.9.12: Prince Harry, the Pygmy Hippo – ADORABLE! Also: DEAD!

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Prince Harry with caretaker Toni Inggs, who should feel free to contact me if she’d like some romantic, candlelit tips in re: hippo mourning.


You know, I normally don’t feel too bad about running a blog that capitalizes on other people’s pain and suffering. The main reason is that a steady diet of Effexor and Small Wonder repeats has scraped off most of the remnants of human emotion that somehow managed to cling to the interior of my psyche. But today I hang my (handsome) head in shame to report that Prince Harry, the beloved pygmy hippo that managed to momentarily steal the internet’s attention away from pictures of cats who have a questionable grasp on grammar, has died. He experienced heart failure during surgery to correct a hernia. Even sadder, there are only about 3,000 of his species in existence, making him the ideal choice of pet for both wealthy eccentrics and college students who are desperate to assert their individuality. Because dogs are for conformos.

Alright, it has to be stated: Yes, that hippo broke new ground when it came to being adorable, and I would suckerpunch the Pope just to get him to lick my face with his cute little hippo tongue. But the fact remains that he’s not an actual prince, and that kind of malfeasance is a sore spot for me. Between this loveable asshole, Prince, and Queen Latifah I’ve given out way too many unnecessary curtsies. You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson after taking medical advice from *both* Dr. Dre’s, but no. Seriously, what were the odds that *neither* of them were actually doctors?

Source: Mail Online

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