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02.26.12: Ian Abercrombie (Seinfeld’s Mr. Pitt) – DEAD!

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“So what picture should I use for the post aboutOH SHIT YES!” -Me, five minutes ago.


Wow. It is not a good year to be the boss of a Seinfeld character. First the threat of amputation drove Daniel Von Bargen to an unsuccessful suicide attempt, and now kidney failure has taken Mr. Pitt himself, Ian Abercrombie, at the tender age of 77. Sleep with one eye open, J. Patrick McCormack!

It must suck to be an actor who’s most well-known role is that of a completely unlikable manchild like Mr. Pitt. Thankfully most people know me best from my turn as Rizzo, the beloved leader of the Pink Ladies, in my high school’s production of Grease. A lot of people said that a boy shouldn’t have been cast in the role to begin with, but when that curtain rose my angelic falsetto and baby-smooth gams made those parents’ groups look foolish.

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02.22.12: Daniel Von Bargen (George Castanza’s Boss) – HANGING ON!

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Hipster Jason Alexandar was photobombing before you even knew that was a thing.


Actor Daniel Von Bargen, best known as Seinfeld’s Mr. Kruger and Chief Grady in Super Troopers, is currently in critical condition after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, TMZ reports. Apparently Von Bargen, distraught over the prospect of having his toes amputated as a result of his diabetes, shot himself in the temple. Somehow this not only failed to kill him but also left him coherent enough to phone police, suggesting he’s either an atrocious marksman or he has a surprisingly tiny head. Ugh. Let the record show that I don’t feel good about any of what I just typed.

TMZ also has audio of his 911 call if you’re the kind of sick weirdo who’s interested in that kind of thing, because I’m not embedding it here. Really, I have Google Reader ceaselessly trawling the internet for any mention of the word “dead” and even I think that shit’s too morbid to listen to. But, you know, whatever gets you through the day, man.

I hope Von Bargen pulls through, but considering he was trying to kill himself surviving sorta doesn’t entirely address the root of the problem here. Hmm. Who would’ve figured this blog would have some posts that end on a dour note? Hindsight’s 20/20, I guess.

Source: TMZ

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