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3.20.13: Opera Singer Risë Stevens – DEAD!

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RISE_STEVENSThis ended up being neither as racist as I had feared nor as delicious as I had hoped. That’s a little something called ‘false advertising,’ messieurs  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer!


Opera singer Rise Stevens is dead today at the age of 99, presumably due to some sort of mishap with that horned helmet they all have to wear. That thing is a deathtrap. Anyway, Stevens is best known among the theater community for portraying the central character in Carmen during the 1950s, but because none of us here could identify an opera singer from a particularly foppish hobo, we’re gonna need a little more by way of specifics.

[…]she performed an aria from “Carmen” in “Going My Way,” the Oscar-winning Crosby musical that was one of the highest-grossing movies of 1944.

Although movie mogul Louis B. Mayer wanted her to appear in more movies, she knew that opera was “her medium” and that nothing could match the musical heights and expansive themes she found there. “She knew it, felt it, lived it,” her son, speaking of her dedication to opera, told the Associated Press last week.

Lady, you bet on the wrong horse. Film is the wave of the future, according to this newsreel from 1908 that I’ve been watching for some reason. Personally I like movies that feature at least two conflicting supernatural elements, like that one where Frankenstein is a high-powered CEO and has to fight off a corporate takeover from the mole people. Oh! I also like movies that have a scene in them where an assassin is getting on a plane to go kill someone, and the lady at the gate asks him “business or pleasure?” and he puts on his sunglasses and looks at the camera and says, “both.” Man, that’s so cool. In conclusion, I’m a bit of a film buff.


Source: The LA Times

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