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5.20.13: Doors’ Keyboardist Ray Manzarek – DEAD!

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RAY_MANZAREKThe Doors were generally accepted as the finest Aldous Huxley-referencing band of their time, even beating out fellow famed 60s rock icons Johnny Humanist and the Three-Day Mescaline Benders.


Ray Manzarek, keyboard player for The Doors (the band, not the popular entry mechanism) is dead today after a long struggle with bile duct cancer. That’s right; Cancer can even strike parts of your body that you assumed only sea monsters in Clive Barker novels had. By way of tribute, USA Today cranked their usual USA Todayedness up to new, borderline autistic levels with an article that could only be headlined, “Ray Manzarek’s Keyboards Opened Musical Doors.” You just know one lucky cub reporter is gonna have some serious smiley face sticker action on their Achievement Board this week.

“I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of my friend and bandmate,” said Doors guitarist Robby Krieger in a statement. “Ray was a huge part of my life and I will always miss him.”

I dunno, rock stars really aren’t supposed to make it to 74 to begin with. They’re supposed to teach us new and exciting ways to inject mind-altering substances into our bodies until no later than the age of 34, so as not to risk letting the whole thing start to become embarrassing. To wit: In an alternate reality a 46-year old Kurt Cobain is tirelessly writing jingles for Verizon as part of a cross-platform synergestic advertainment strategy. The fact that Manzarek got as old as he did without playing the “Light My Fire” solo to a hibachi in a Kingsford Charcoal commercial should be counted as a goddamn miracle.



Source: USA Today

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