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3.7.13: Yes Guitarist Peter Banks – DEAD!

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Yes guitarist Peter BanksBanks, seen here punching a hole in the sun. You don’t see it much anymore, but back in the 70s *every* band used to physically assault celestial objects during performances. I guess music just had a lot more soul back then, you know?


So Peter Banks, founder and original guitarist for prog rock hippie archetypes Yes, is dead. In honor of Yes’ unique brand of toked-up sonic wankery, this post is gonna go on for 19 uninterrupted minutes and contain multiple allusions to dragons that breathe love instead of fire as an allegory for the military industrial complex, although most of you will probably get bored and hop over to Redtube before the halfway point. Philistines!

A statement from fellow Yes band members said: “We are deeply saddened to learn about the passing of fellow bandmate and founding Yes member, Peter Banks. He was a huge piece of the fabric that made Yes what it is, and our thoughts, sincere condolences and prayers are with him and his family. Peter, we shall miss you greatly.”

Between his work on the first two Yes albums, several ambitious follow-up bands and a solo career, Banks was considered “the architect of progressive music,” laying the groundwork for countless misguided bands to confuse interesting musical ideas with keytar solos that drag on longer than the final season of The Office. Oof. It must sting to watch an approach you pioneered turn into a parody of itself by overambitious devotees. No no, those extra 3 bass strings are totally gonna make that rock opera about Carl Sagan finally *click*. It must’ve been at least a little disheartening for Banks. That’s why my motto has always been “Aim Low,” and it’s served me well, as my windowless studio apartment can attest. You can read all about it in my new self-help book, Icarus Was a Dick: Misunderstanding Greek Myths in the 21st Century.

Source: Telegraph

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