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2.25.14: Flamenco Guitarist Paco de Lucía – DEAD!

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PACO_DE_LUCIAOh man, it is simply impossible to look bad in pastel. It’s that court artist gravitas that makes every day feel as magical as your first felony arraignment hearing. [Source]


Rough news for the cajon industry, as Flamenco guitar legend Paco de Lucía has passed away of a heart attack while in Cancun. I know everyone loves that place, but if Mexico is so great why are their travel destinations luring in our spiciest musical icons and attacking their circulatory systems? I mean, who could resist? With their gently-swaying banyan trees, incessant tropical storms, and occasional limestone quarries, you’d be foolish not to go. And then suddenly, BAM! Cardiac arrest while you’re eating a papaya. Hey, I bet that’s what happened to Rico Suave! You expect me to believe it’s just a coincidence that we haven’t heard from that guy in over 20 years? The place is clearly a paradisaical deathtrap, and it’s time to do something about it. Man, this must be what all those rednecks were getting themselves up in such a dander about. I say build the wall already, whoever’s currently the president! I swear, that man/woman/robot/shape-shifting alien lizard/super-intelligent baby is never getting my vote again.

Introduced to music by his father, a singer of gypsy origin, he became famous for dazzling audiences with his rapid flamenco rhythms and finger work.

“The gypsies are better since they listen to music from birth. If I had not been born into my father’s house I would be nobody. I don’t believe in spontaneous genius,” de Lucia once said.

De Lucia’s beloved flamenco guitar style involved a lot of percussive techniques and cordobès hats but few to no sweet-ass dive bombs or killer squealies. Plus, I bet he couldn’t even play the “Eruption” solo right. It’s not even that hard. I would’ve gotten it right on, like, the first try if my dad didn’t show up early to pick me up from Guitar Center. YOU SAID I COULD STAY TIL SIX!


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