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12.5.13: Nelson Mandela – DEAD!

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NELSON_MANDELAOh, I’m sorry, are those wraparounds prescription? Douche.


Well, political prisoner-turned-president of South Africa Nelson Mandela is dead, which can only mean one thing: racism is back. Sorry guys, we had a good five years, but I think we all kinda knew this thing had an expiration date on it when we signed up. Let’s look at the positive; if post-racial civilization was a sitcom five seasons would be a pretty respectable run. And an attractive syndication package, I might add! Try to focus on the good times, like when audiences of all colors and creeds came together to tell Will Smith that we don’t feel like putting up with his ugly kid’s stupid face anymore. There was a time when speaking up like that would’ve gotten you hosed on the street, you know.

“I leave it to the public to decide how they should remember me,” he said on South African television before his retirement.

“But I should like to be remembered as an ordinary South African who together with others has made his humble contribution.”

So that’s a big “case closed” on this post, then. Astute readers will note that I haven’t said much of substance here. For whatever reason people get all salty when I say pretty much anything about their beloved world leaders, and I’m seriously not up to the fight. Honestly, my skin is like construction paper, you could start me hemorrhaging with the blunt end of a Bic. Instead, I’m just gonna try backing out of the room on this one. Look, if you want legitimate insight have you considered visiting the Nelson Mandela Museum in Mthatha? Fair warning if you go; they had trouble filling out some of the wings and ended up adding artifacts from late 80s/early 90s follicle-rock superstars Nelson, as well as quite a few items relating to cartoon bully Nelson Muntz. I looked at blue vests for the better part of an afternoon before putting two and two together.

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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