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2.17.13: Country Singer Mindy McCready – DEAD!

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MINDY_MCCREADYWhenever someone dies tragically I have a real hard time finding an image I feel comfortable mocking. Then 90s fashion comes to the rescue. “Fuck it, add, like, a shitload more buttons, for no discernible reason,” said every pant company, every day, for an entire decade.


Country singer Mindy McCready died this weekend of an apparent suicide, and since this is the internet I’m expected to be all callous about that. Well you guys can cram it in diagonally, I have standards about dignity. They’re vaguely defined, easily circumnavigated, and only come up when convenient, but they’re always there. Like those little blades that cut the floss for you, dutifully there when you need them but utterly ignored during the rest of your life. That analogy may or may not make much sense; I just drank an awful lot of mouthwash and the whole medicine cabinet is kinda fascinating me right now. Point is let’s just, for once, try to be professional about things around here. God.

In 2009, like some other troubled stars willing to allow the public to watch them repair themselves, she signed up to appear on the reality series “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew.” On one episode, she suffered a seizure.

In the last few years, four other cast members from that series have also died.

Wow. Five cast members dead, with the status of several others still undetermined? Alright, I’m just gonna toss something out there and we’ll see if she flies: Are we absolutely positive that Dr. Drew is not a member of some sort of satanic cult, cultivating corpses for his unholy masters to consume as fuel? Keep in mind, I’m not married to this theory. I’m willing to entertain the possibility that he’s actually some kind of demented scientist who needs human organs to use in biological experiments so horrifying they’d make that Human Centipede doctor look like a high school chemistry teacher. Or maybe he’s just flat-out, old school, Manson-style crazy. I mean, this is all just spit-balling, there are no bad ideas about what horrible secret Dr. Drew is most definitely hiding that drives him to use his awful tv show to murder people. Let’s crack this case together. Teamwork makes the dream work, I always say!

Source: The New York Times

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