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3.1.14: French Director Alain Resnais – DEAD!

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ALAIN_RESNAISWow. Wearing glasses in the 60s was a bitch. Where would you even get a lanyard for that thing?


French experimental film director Alain Resnais is 1.) dead, and 2.) a string of words that just made my target demo close this tab. So thanks for sticking around, pretentious movie snobs and maybe David Cronenberg. Scanners was dope.

Resnais directed such classics that you’re totally gonna watch as soon as you get some “stuff” out of the way as Last Year at Marienbad and Hiroshima, Mon Amour. Oh, that last one sounds fun. His films often dealt with memory, and the idea that forgetting is a virtue one can use to create a better future, which is probably the real reason I never remembered to pick my girlfriend up from the hospital last week. In that light, maybe I’m the one who deserved to carve “asshole” onto the hood of her car now.

“If one does not forget, one can neither live nor function,” Mr. Resnais told an interviewer in 1966. “The problem arose for me when I was making ‘Nuit et Brouillard.’ It was not a question of making yet another war memorial, but of thinking of the present and the future. Forgetting ought to be constructive.”

If you’re curious about Resnais’ work and would like to watch some of his classics on Netflix, well, you can’t. I mean, they have his 2012 film You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, the title of which actually seems to be Netflix’s response whenever you try to watch anything that isn’t Orange is the New Black, sub-Mencia comedy specials, or an ill-advised Arrested Development revival. But that’s it. Have you considered watching House of Cards again instead? Because, according to Netflix, you’re sure to enjoy that Netflix original series. And if you don’t believe me, just look at this quote from their VP of Content Selection and Public Relations:

Come on, quit being such an art fag all the time.

Netflix: Because if Citizen Kane is so great, why couldn’t they afford color?

Source: The Washington Post

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