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5.1.13: Kris Kross’ Chris Kelly – DEAD!

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CHRIS_KELLYWait, so… who’s supposed to be destroying whose credibility here?


You know, ever since five minutes ago when I figured out that Kris Kross were the backwards clothes guys and not the House Party guys, I’ve been a big fan of their work. It’s hard not to be; Before Snoop came along and scared all the well-meaning white people away by braiding his hair, we were all enjoying a golden era of hip hopketeering. The Fat Boys were giving us hardcore raps about how much fun it was to eat pizza with your friends while A Tribe Called Quest made us all briefly curious as to who A Tribe Called Quest was. And, of course, Kris Kross convinced us all to wear our clothes backwards despite my mom explicitly telling me that there was no point in wearing custom slacks with shin guards if I was just gonna turn them around anyway. Look, you can either be cool for three months in 1992 or you can spend the rest of your life not having to cope with agonizing shin splints. I made my choice, but, as usual, parents just don’t understand.


Chris Kelly, half of the 1990s kid rap duo Kris Kross who made one of the decade’s most memorable songs with the frenetic “Jump,” died at an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday of an apparent drug overdose at his home, authorities said. He was 34.

Wow. He basically hadn’t worked since he was 16 but still had enough walking around money for overdose levels of drugs? Somebody must’ve made some smart investments in the late 90s. Maybe he put a lot into a high-yield mutual fund, or a sensible Roth IRA, both of which would really start paying out dividends for him right about now. It makes for a good story to help explain to youngsters about how saving for a financially stable future is what’s really “fresh” on the “streets.” I mean, up until the overdose part. If you’re putting together a motivational speech you should probably leave stuff like that out.


Source: USA Today

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