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10.10.12: N.F.L. Lineman and Webster’s Dad Alex Karras – DEAD!

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Fun fact: The script of every episode of “Webster” simply read “teach poignant lesson.” The decision to do so with a mustache was pure Karras, though.


If you’re a regular reader here at the TDiD, then first and foremost I’d like to sincerely apologize for all of the slurs against the Chinese. I honestly didn’t realize that we as a nation weren’t cool with that stuff anymore. But beyond that, it means you’re aware that I don’t do a lot of sports posts. The main reason being that if I wanted a hobby that lent itself to a “fantasy” component I would still be writing My Little Pony slash fiction.

But the death of former Detroit Lions linebacker turned actor Alex Karras is notable because 1.) it’s a good reminder that Detroit used to be a place that existed, and 2.) Karras also played the dad on 80s sitcom “Webster.” That’s right, “Webster.” The show that taught a generation of kids all sorts of useful life lessons but completely failed to address the scourge of the era that was my uncle getting drunk and taking a dump in my Castle Greyskull playset on Christmas morning. I know it’s a tough topic, but they could’ve done a two-parter or something.

Alex Karras, a fierce and relentless All-Pro lineman for the Detroit Lions whose irrepressible character frequently placed him at odds with football’s authorities but led to a second career as an actor on television and in the movies, died Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 77.

Notably, Karras also played Mongo in “Blazing Saddles.” Between a respectably diverse acting career, his time with the NFL, and authoring a couple of books, Karras really showed an admirable willingness to embrace change and variety in the work that he did. By way of contrast, yesterday somebody put down the kickstand on my keyboard and I instantly burst into tears and took the rest of the week off.


Source: The New York Times

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