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3.24.13: Sex Retreat Pioneer John Williamson – DEAD!

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JOHN_WILLIAMSONAlright, fine, I’ll admit this is making me pretty envious: Those linens look soft as hell. What are those, like, 600 thread count or something? That’s gotta feel like dragging your scrotum across a river of applesauce.


I try not to brag too much around here, but I’ve seen upwards of several women naked, in person. Most of them were even aware of it at the time, so I think it’s safe to say I have a very sophisticated attitude about sex. And it’s that sophistication that makes me eminently qualified to report on the death of John Williamson, who co-founded the controversial “free love” Sandstone Retreat with his wife in 1968, with the proper level of maturity.

Williamson actually died way back in March, but it seems that the press waited until last week to report on it. It was actually a pretty thoughtful approach, gradually easing us into the rather painful news, instead of just ramming the story down our throats, only caring about increasing circulation until they just carelessly spray ink all over our masthead. Wait, I said something about maturity back there, didn’t I? Shit. Alright, well… This sudden feeling of shame that I can’t seem to understand is really making me want to just ignore what just happened and move on. So let’s get Block Quote in here while I try to clean this place up.

[The Sandstone Retreat] offered seminars on human bonding, relationships and sexuality, but its Sandstone Retreat, where as many as 500 people would gather on weekends to frolic in the nude, swap spouses and engage in group sex, quickly made its existence in the bohemian canyon notorious.

After an effort to build a tribal community in Montana foundered, the couple moved to the San Francisco Bay area, then to Nevada. There they began to take in big cats whose owners wanted to get rid of them.

Huh. So I guess that old proverb is true: “It doesn’t matter if you’re the founder of a swinger’s resort or a frumpy spinster in her early 30s, you’re still gonna end up childless and living with a bunch of cats.” I had always just kinda assumed that was supposed to be metaphorical.

Source: Yahoo! News

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