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9.2.12: Rapper Jew’elz – DEAD (After Ironically Tweeting “YOLO”)!

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I couldn’t find/didn’t look for an image of Jew’elz, but PaRappa used to ride dirty as fuck.


Look, I don’t know who Erwin McKiness, aka Jew’elz is, you don’t know who he is, but I’m a big fan of ironic deaths, so here we are. It’s just like the time I wrote about Teddy Roosevelt being shot by a bear. Lord knows how he got his furry paws on that trigger, but credit where it’s due: He definitely had an agenda.

The San Bernardino Sun reports that Erwin McKiness, 21, Tweeted the ironic and foreshadowing phrase “YOLO” — or “You Only Live Once,” popularized by Canadian rapper Drake — just before he and his friends died in what police believe to be an alcohol-related accident on Sunday, September 2.

For the uninitiated (read: people with jobs), YOLO is the hot new phrase that all the young idiots are saying. It’s like Keep on Truckin’ mixed with Fuck the Police and a little twist of Dream Out Loud, minus the stuffiness of Live Your Best Life.

 “Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO” wrote McKiness, just 20 minutes before the fiery 1:40 a.m. crash.

I’ve read this story a hundreds time and it never dawned on me that “af” wasn’t supposed to be “and” but instead stood for “as fuck.” And people knew this. It’s just a thing that people are aware of. Seriously, what Learning Annex course are you guys taking to know this kind of thing?

Source: LA Weekly

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3.19.12: Pastor Attending Faith Healing Event – IRONICALLY DEAD!

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There was a time in America when this was not only allowed by law, but actively encouraged.


If you think that nothing ever comes out of Nigeria except disasters brought on by scamming the highly impressionable, you should be aware that you’re 1.) coming off kinda racist, and 2.) totally correct.

A pastor in attendance of a controversial faith-healing conference in Cape Town, Nigeria died after suffering from renal failure inside the stadium, because apparently Nigeria has stadiums. I have to assume they’re made out of discarded parade floats and held together with chaw. Wow… I really have nothing good to say about the place.

Make it hurt so good, Block Quote:

The Higher Life Conference, which also takes place in Britain and the United States, is staged by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, who can reputedly perform miracles such as healing the paralysed.

“Pastor Chris”, one of Nigeria’s most wealthy evangelist preachers with a global following of millions, is believed to be worth as much as £30 million.

Another 16 people were sent to the hospital, which I also figure is made of humorous items. But I’m not going to list them, because my court-mandated psychiatrist says you’re not the boss of me.


Source: The Telegraph


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