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11.23.12: Larry Hagman – DEAD!

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You know, the Wiki entry for I Dream of Jeannie specifically lists which episodes offer a glimpse of Barbara Eden’s navel. And that’s today’s web tip for tech saavy men in their 60s.


Larry Hagman, perhaps best known as the villainous J.R. of television drama Dallas, is dead today following complications related to throat cancer. In the 1960s Hagman portrayed Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie, which, along with Bewitched, was part of the television industry’s campaign to bring awareness to the then-current epidemic of hot magical entities marrying suburban white guys and refusing to use their powers to help the world in any damn way whatsoever. I mean, they never explicitly stated that as their goal, but I’m good at sussing out subtext. That’s how I figured out that Newhart was actually set inside Dick Loudon’s diseased brain while he was being treated in a mental hospital after going on a killing spree through the midwest. Television used to get pretty dark before Janet Reno came to town.

In 1980, [Dallas] became a mega-hit with the “Who Shot J.R.?” plot line that left Americans guessing who pulled the trigger.

The answer came on November 21, 1980, in an episode dubbed “Who Done It?.” More than 350 million viewers tuned in around the world to find out Kristen Shepherd, the sister of J.R.’s wife, shot him.

Jesus, spoiler alert, CNN. I guess I’ll be throwing away that 32-year old VHS tape that I was totally gonna get around to watching this weekend. Time just kinda got away from me is all.


Source: CNN

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