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3.19.13: Porn Star Harry Reems – DEAD!

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HARRY_REEMSIf you were wondering exactly how much untamed 70s bush Reems saw, keep in mind: That ain’t a mustache.


Herbert Streicher, who made his bones (tee hee!) under the name Harry Reems (tee hee!!) in the controversial 1970s porn Deep Throat, is dead today of a depressingly unsexy case of pancreatic cancer. Nothing ruins a masturbatory experience for me faster than pulmonary embolisms. Well, maybe not “ruins,” but definitely “somewhat slows down.” This seems as good a time as any to remind my roommate not to look in the “stuff for work” folder on my laptop. Dude, it’s just boring stuff for work, why would you wanna look at that?

In 1972, Reems found himself an extra on the set of “Deep Throat.” When the male lead failed to show, Reems filled the breach, playing the randy Dr. Young opposite Lovelace.

The movie became a blockbuster that turned the obscure actor into a porn superstud. And with blue movies becoming mainstream, the mustached Reems became an unlikely ambassador for a business that was trying to shake off its seedy image.

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Source: NY Daily News

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