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2.25.12: Guy Hit By a Naked Fire Enginer Driver – DEAD!

Filed under: Dead —James @ 9:51 pm February 25, 2012

Why hello there, internet traffic of a questionable variety.


And now we have a “nudity” tag. You see? Everyone plays a part in this cosmic ballet.

A naked man stole a fire truck at a South Carolina apartment complex and sped away, killing a pedestrian who was walking on a sidewalk, authorities said Saturday.

The fire engine driver, identified as 26-year-old Kalvin Hunt, drove about two miles Friday before he hit a man, careened off the road and crashed into some trees, authorities said. Hunt, who was pinned inside the fire truck, was freed by rescue workers, and then started assaulting two police officers…

Wow. That is called commitment to your crime spree. Criminals these days are all smash, shoot, grab, smash, rape, smash, grab, malfeasance. There’s no art to it, no applied skills. You ever attempt to pull off a three-point turn in a stolen fire truck? At least this guy gave it the old college try, and… uh… Sorry you guys, I really want to comment on this, and I realize I’m breaching decorum here, but this is really distracting. Can we just see that headline picture one more time?


Alright, I’m not saying I’m beginning to like it, just that I think I’m starting to understand it.


Source: MSNBC

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