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7.5.13: Feminist Author Elaine Morgan – DEAD!

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ELAINE_MORGANUnless the Aquatic Ape has to fight Sharknado I’m out. It’s a very simple criteria that I use for all literature, thank you very much.


Noted author and feminist Elaine Morgan died on Friday, which is the perfect combination of words to use if you ever find yourself needing to somehow suck all the fun out of a kegger. It’s like a magical incantation with just the right ratio of haughtiness to existential sorrow.

Elaine Morgan’s long and varied life encompassed experience as an author, TV writer, lecturer and scientific rebel.

Scientific rebels can be easily identified because their cylinders never graduated. Ha! Chemistry puns! Who else is gonna give you that? Alright, fine, xkcd will. But I promise you that if I ever start putting stick figures on this site I’ll at least show some common courtesy to my readers by giving the female ones comically oversized breasts. It’s called respecting your audience.

Speaking of feminism:

In the 1970s Dr Morgan took on the scientific establishment with a new theory of human evolution.

Her book The Descent of Woman became an international bestseller, turning her into a feminist hero who toured the US three times.

She went on to devote her attention increasingly to the subject of human origins.

It’s starting to dawn on me how pissy Jezebel is gonna get if they see this post. We’ve had a rocky relationship ever since my article, “Putting a Dime on the Dollar: A Plea to Reassess Susan B. Anthony’s Doability in the Information Age,” was rejected for publication. Supposedly the inclusion of multiple drawings of busty stick figures didn’t sway any editors to my side. Well excuse me for trying to establish a consistent motif as a writer!

Source: BBC News

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