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7.22.13: Dennis Farina – DEAD!

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DENNIS_FARINAThe man liked consistency.  I heard a photographer once tried to put just one olive into his prop martini. We’re all praying for his family’s safe return someday.


Actor Dennis Farina, who is still not my cool dad despite multiple prayers and sacrifices to the Incan god Inti, is dead this week due to a blood clot in his lung. In his 3-decade acting career Farnia portrayed over a dozen exasperated police sergeants who were sick and tired of that cocksure detective O’Malley playing by his own rules all the time. Goddammit, you’ll bring the Benito crime family down by the book or it’ll be your badge this time, capice!?

The mustachioed Farina was accustomed to playing characters on either side of the law, such Lt. Mike Torello on TV’s Crime Story as well as mobsters like Jimmy Serrano in 1998’s Midnight Run and Albert Lombard on Miami Vice. He had a fruitful partnership with that show’s creator, Michael Mann, having also starred in his films Thief and Manhunter.

I don’t know why everyone’s always so down on typecasting. What’s the big deal? You get really good at a single role and just as soon as you start contemplating eating a bullet from boredom the world at large gets sick of you anyway and the phone stops ringing. Then you open up a putt-putt golf course, do a couple of “Where are They Now?” segments on VH-1, and sit back waiting for some director to pull a Tarantino and remember you from their youth, subsequently casting you in a major motion picture or television show, at which point the internet gets all ironic about you, and BAM! Late-career renaissance. It worked for Neil Patrick Harris and Betty White. Irony even gave Chuck Norris a nice new coat of paint, and that guy’s practically a cartoon supervillain in real life. It’s a decent paycheck for some cakewalk work, and that’s a pretty tender deal if you ask me. Oh, yeah; I’m using the word “tender” now in place of “cool.” Start saying that from now on.


Source: USA Today

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