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10.21.12: Bollywood Movie Mogul Yash Chopra – DEAD!

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Amitabh Bachahan may not be Sanjay Dutt, but compared to that hack Akshay Kumar he’s Shahrukh goddamn Khan. NOW WHO’S GONNA HELP ME FINISH THIS PONY KEG!?


Bollywood movie mogul (I don’t know what that would be, either) Yash Chopra is dead today of… dengue fever? Seriously? Apparently that’s a real thing, even though it’s very similar to the disease I made up to get out of gym class in 8th grade.

Like many Bollywood films, Chopra’s work was characterized by lush sets and energetic song and dance numbers, which is really the only time you can burst into a musical to explain what’s happening. No matter how lovingly choreographed, spontaneously beginning a dance routine in the middle of your arson arraignment will buy you little to no judicial leeway. Also, that last sentence counts as community service.

“He passed away due to dengue and multiple organ failure,” the Press Trust of India quoted a hospital spokesman, Sudhir, as saying. The spokesman uses only one name.

Quick aside: Only one name? Is that an actual common practice in India or is this guy just a dick? He’s like the Cher of depressing medical announcements!

Chopra started his film career in the 1950s under the tutelage of his elder brother, late filmmaker B.R. Chopra. He founded his own studio Yash Raj Films and launched it with “Daag: A Poem of Love” in 1973, which won him one of his four Filmfare Awards for best director.

Yes, who can forget Daag: A Poem of Love? I was conceived to it, although I remained a zygote for an additional decade. An absolute classic, although I hear that if you play Mama Mia! at 150% speed it’s the exact same thing.

Source: Time

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