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4.13.12: “Dark Shadows” Star Jonathan Frid – DEAD!

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That’s right: A gothic soap opera. Finally, a show that caters to both tweens with Deadjournals and middle-aged diabetic women whose flesh has long since fused to the couch.


Actor Jonathan Frid, best known as Barnabas Collins in the television show “Dark Shadows,” has died of natural causes at the age of 87. “Shadows” was a 60s gothic soap opera, which, if my research is accurate, is a thing that can exist. But that’s probably old news to anyone who’s had to wait at a bus stop in the past two months (not bragging) and be bombarded with posters for Tim Burton’s latest 2 hour commercial for white facepaint and felt top hats “reimagining” of the story.

You know, I had a whole thing written here about how much Tim Burton sucks and how he churns out blandly repetitive films with such stunning consistency that you can actually use his production schedule as some sort of shitty sundial. “Oh, Johnny Depp is screen testing pale facial prosthetics, it must be the harvest!” Stuff like that. But then I realized how everybody kinda already says that, and my saying so would be redundant, which would be a bit too ironic for me to handle. So I deleted the whole thing, but now I feel bad because I cheated you out of a paragraph. So, in its place, here’s a picture of a dog that kinda looks like William H. Macy.


Also, if any of you remember what this post was supposed to be about please Facebook me that info.


Macy Dog picture via Ranker, because someone’s definitely gonna want credit for that.

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