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9.10.12: CIA Operative Edwin P. Wilson – DEAD!

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I don’t care what anyone says, that was the worst Menudo lineup ever.


Former CIA operative and business tycoon (the best kind of tycoon) Edwin P. Wilson has died as a result of complications suffered from heart valve replacement surgery. Wilson was convicted of selling arms and explosives to Libya, which is apparently illegal. Look, if you fat cats in Washington don’t want regular joes like me and Edwin here trafficking deadly weapons to the Middle East then maybe you should make a list of which countries we can sell them to and post it somewhere where we all look, like next to the sink or something. We’re not psychic.

His preferred habitat was a hall of mirrors. His business empire existed as a cover for espionage, but it also made him a lot of money. He had the advantage of being able to call the Internal Revenue Service and use national security jargon to get the details on a potential customer. And if the I.R.S. questioned his own tax filings, he terminated the discussion by saying he was a C.I.A. operative on a covert mission.

That’s also a good way to get out of speeding tickets or pot busts. And if that doesn’t work you can always challenge a cop to a best-of-three game of Rock Paper Scissors and he legally has to agree to it. It’s all in my new book, Stuff the High School Students I Hang Out with Swear Totally Works. Those kids are alright.


Source: NY Times

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