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3.17.12: Red Bull Creator Chaleo Yoovidhya – DEAD!

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A net worth of five billion dollars and a Fantastic Sam’s haircut. The supremely wealthy are so like us.


I’ve never used any kind of energy drinks because I’m almost constantly being chased by mobs of bisexual European swimsuit models, which keeps my blood pumping pretty well. That’s not bragging, it truly haunts my nights to know that one clumsy fence jump and I’ll be buried alive in a slowly churning mass of well-toned and completely uninhibited sexual appetites. But for those of you who do not know the burden of physical attractiveness, you’ve probably relied on a Red Bull or two to keep you up during that all-night drive to Poughkeepsie to see Phish, even though Seth and Brad totally swore they’d share the driving but fell asleep by, like, midnight and didn’t even chip in for gas. God. Your friends are assholes.

Anyway, the creator of Red Bull, a man with the extremely copy-and-pasteable name of Chaleo Yoovidhya, is dead.

Chaleo Yoovidhya was born of poor Chinese immigrant parents in the northern province of Phichit, in 1932, local media say.

He worked as a salesman before setting up TC Pharmaceuticals in 1962.

TC Pharmaceuticals introduced the drink Krating Daeng, which became popular with shift workers and lorry drivers.

In 1984 Chaleo Yoovidhya launched it as Red Bull with the Austrian marketing expert Dietrich Mateschitz, and three years later began selling it in Austria.

So there you go. A man whom you have nothing in common with is dead after creating a drink that you only still buy because you’ve built up a tolerance. I’m not really sure on the message there, but if the internet ended tonight I think we’d all be content with this being the final entry.


Source: Belle News

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