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9.8.13: Car Salesman Cal Worthington – DEAD!

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CAL_WORTHINGTON“Hello, we’re a man in a cowboy hat and a tiger. So… how would you like to give me your money today? Nuthin’ doin’, huh? Oh man, you are a tough sell, my friend. Alright, did I mention the tiger is wearing roller skates? Haw, I thought that might change your tune. 1961 Dodge Lancer it is!”


Cal Worthington, the most likely insane West Coast car salesmen who risked life and limb filming ads with everything from gorillas to elephants to aging, once-relevant rappers, died on Sunday. Worthington’s commercials were incessant, filming and airing up to 40 different ads a week despite pleas from Californians to just them them watch their Three’s Company in peace already. But no relief was in sight, because, in America, you can only annoy us so much before we can’t resist making whatever huge purchase you’ve asked of us. It’s how they got me to buy 3,000 crates of HeadOn. I don’t even get headaches! Ha! I’ll be in debt for the rest of my life!

In relentless campaigns that treated television viewers to as many as 100 commercials a day, Mr. Worthington proclaimed the virtues of the latest gem on the lot while, for example, strapped to the wing of a soaring biplane or standing on his head on the hood of a car — a visible demonstration of his motto, “I will stand upon my head until my ears are turning red to make a deal.”

Ah, that’s gooood crazy. Even if you never saw Worthington’s ads you’ve most likely seen the ripple effect throughout the decades, like those commercials in the ’80s where Ronald McDonald promised to “put a Jew in space” if it would sell you a Quarter Pounder. Nobody was quite sure why that was supposed to be a selling point, but damned if his enthusiasm didn’t end up moving a lot of burgers.


Source: The NY Times

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