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3.1.13: ‘One Day at a Time’ Actress Bonnie Franklin – DEAD!

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BONNIE_FRANKLINMore like One Babe at a Time, am I right?!


Since I’m not a bored trophy wife in 1980, I have no frame of reference for what One Day at a Time was about. But if you’ve spent enough time home sick with mono you’ve probably gleaned enough about it that I don’t have to lay any groundwork before telling you that one of the show’s stars, Bonnie Franklin, died last Friday of pancreatic cancer. Franklin can be seen in the banner picture up there somehow finding a way to show both sideboob and cleave at the same time. She was really the John Lennon of suggestive television nudity. And people say that tv wasn’t innovative during the 80s!

[…] she was most widely known in the role of Ann Romano, one of the first independent women to be portrayed on TV wrestling with issues like sexual harassment, rape and menopause. Ms. Franklin — green-eyed, red-haired, button-nosed and 5-foot-3 — brought a buoyant comic touch to the part.

Some saw the show as helping feminism enter the mainstream.

For all the bad press it gets from religious weirdos and uppity poetry-writing hipsters, television has a long history of bringing social issues into the public consciousness. All in the Family made it okay to drop racial slurs as long as you threw some kind of Reiner in there to soften the blow, and a decade after One Day at a Time Steve Urkel made us all aware of the terrifying trend of kids drinking Boss Sauce to turn themselves into ultrasmooth ladykillers. And let’s not forget Perfect Strangers making great strides to remedy the scourge that was Mark Linn-Baker’s criminal underemployment. Come on, America! Cousin Larry gotta eat!

Source: The New York Times

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