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02.27.12: Jan Berenstain (creator of ‘The Berenstain Bears’) – DEAD!

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Maybe I should’ve gone with a picture of Jan instead, but she was super old and that’s really a downer for me. Oh, and my condolences to her family.


Jan Berenstain, the creator of the (somewhat narcissistically titled) Berenstain Bears series of books is dead at the age of 88. I’m kind of at a loss for what I’m gonna read now, because it sure as hell ain’t gonna be anything from those Choose Your Own Adventure assholes. Hey pal, don’t drop that responsibility on me. If those shitty kids can’t find their own way out of that labyrinth I’m not taking the fall for it.

The Berenstains’ ursine family most often confronted issues common to most families — the arrival of a new sibling, getting homesick at summer camp, the etiquette of trick-or-treating.

“Family values is what we’re all about,” Jan Berenstain told an interviewer last year.

“She’s dead? Gritty film reboot!” said Hollywood, before eating a bag of money and seeing if The Rock was available to screen test for Papa Bear. But wait, I get the sense that there’s something else here. Something… hilariously racist…

In a 1994 book, “New Neighbors,” the Berenstain Bears confronted racism in their very midst: Papa Bear, acting standoffishly toward the new neighbors, the Asian-looking Panda family, admitted to feelings of prejudice and learned the error of his ways.

Way to bury the lede, New York Times! Why was I not aware of this book until now? God. Next family reunion, I’m pushing my mom into a mud puddle.


Source: NYTimes

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