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10.21.12: Animator Run Wrake – DEAD!

Filed under: Dead —James @ 9:28 am November 9, 2012

When you’re a genius you get to do the kinda stuff that got the rest of us reported to our 8th grade school counselors. I’m fine, Mr. Haney, I’m just expressing myself.

Run Wrake, aside from being a name that seems to exist solely to mock every tongue in Japan, was the animator responsible for the Deadjournalized insanity you see above. Unfortunately, Wrake died last month and I was too busy putting the finishing touches on my Tom Synder costume to cover it until now. He was America’s second-favorite Late Late Show host, you don’t phone that kinda shit in.

Run Wrake was, quite simply, one of the most strikingly original creative minds of recent years. His work was immediately recognizable as his own, his personality burning through even in his commercial work. And it saddens me to say he ‘was’ because Wrake passed away Sunday after losing a battle with cancer. He was only 47.

So, alright, I didn’t wanna have to say this, but… are we just gonna sleep on this whole cancer thing now? The silent treatment doesn’t appear to be doing much good, considering that cancer is still killing approximately every person who ever lived ever. Once the name of your disease can be plugged into any sentence that needs a more colorful way to say “shitty thing that destroys anything even mildly good” it might be time to stop playing grabass in the lab and get some work done. I’m doing my part by boiling the issue down to an insulting oversimplification, which should make it a pretty easy cure now. Scientists, man. Pfft!


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