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9.25.12: Andy Williams – DEAD!

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During the 80s, when both men were experiencing career slumps, Andy Williams and Robert Evans were forced to share a single leathery face.

On Tuesday, “Moon River” crooner Andy Williams died after a year-long battle with bladder cancer. He was 84. For most people Williams was never considered too culturally significant, probably because those idiots at the Olympics still refuse to acknowledge crooning as a legitimate sporting event. Tell that jive to Bing Crosby and the serious groin damage he did during the recording of “Just a Gigolo.”

But if nothing else Williams at least deserved some credit for having the work ethic of a Japanese mule. I’m allowed to say that without it being racist because I used to date an Asian girl.

Eventually growing weary of touring, he decided to settle in Branson.

When he arrived in 1992, the town was dominated by country music performers, but Williams changed that, building the classy, $13 million Andy Williams Moon River Theater in the heart of the city’s entertainment district and performing two shows a night, six days a week, nine months of the year.

In all seriousness, Branson sounds like the most boring place on earth. It’s an entire town dedicated to the kinds of activities nursing homes use to keep old people in constant stasis, gently swaying between overstimulation and death. It’s like if Disneyland added a whole section where all the rides were about abstinence and tort reform.

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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