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5.14.15: Blues Legend B.B. King – DEAD!

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B_B_KINGI swear, Bono wasn’t even in this picture when I uploaded it. That guy’s just gotta find a way to make it about himself, doesn’t he? Check out that Canadian Tuxedo, though.


Legendary bluesman Riley “B.B.” King has reportedly died in hospice care on Thursday. If only there were some form of music the blues community could use to adequately express their feelings of sorrow and lose at a time like this. I vote they try klezmer. Even the goyim have to admit that some of those shofar players can really rock the shtetl!

His death comes only weeks after the passing of “Stand By Me” singe Ben E. King, which can only mean one thing: Death is now alphabetical. Oh sure, you can say this is just another one of those times where I make an aggrandized connection based on the most nebulous data available, but if you think the Burger King’s creepy facial paralysis is the result of anything less than a near-fatal stroke, well, you’re the one with the confirmation bias, not me.

Mr. King went out on the road and never came back after one of his first recordings reached the top of the rhythm-and-blues charts in 1951. He began in juke joints, country dance halls and ghetto nightclubs, playing 342 one-night stands in 1956 and 200 to 300 shows a year for a half-century thereafter, rising to concert halls, casino main stages and international acclaim.

Man, even adjusted for inflation (one year in 2015 would be about 430 days in 1956) that’s a lot of shows for a guitarist to play in a pretty short amount of time. If my calculations are correct, that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 hot licks a year. If he was smart, he made sure to get paid by the *squiddily-skwow*.


Source: The NY Times

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