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9.5.13: Rochus Misch, Hitler’s Last Surviving Bodyguard – DEAD!

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ROCHUS_MISCHIt’s pretty well accepted that Hitler destroyed the popularity of the toothbrush mustache, but few ever comment on how the Führer also ruined the then-thriving jodhpurs industry as well. Third Reich? More like the First Reich… of Style!


Hitler’s last surviving bodyguard, Rochus Misch, has died at the age of 96. You know what this means: You done got yourself fucked now, Adolf! Call the Allies and let’s get that circus-loving son of a bitch yesterday! Jesus, why are the newsreels not all over this? Typical liberal media, with their dictator-protecting and their Arts & Leisure sections and their hybrid vehicles. If God wanted us driving around in electric cars he wouldn’t have hid all of that oil in those dinosaur bones. Waugh!

The former SS man had operated the telephones in the bunker and had proudly reminisced about his wartime duties for the “boss”.

He had called Hitler “a very normal man… he was no brute, he was no monster”, according to the Associated Press news agency.

[Misch’s Jewish daughter Brigitta Jacob-Engelken] added she could not understand why her father, who remained loyal to Hitler to the end, was not more critical in his reflections of Nazi history.

Dude, I dunno. Old people, they hang onto things. My grandpa’s watch stopped one evening in 1987 and to this day he still insists it’s 6:45 PM. The doctors call it dementia, but if you ask me he’s just being stubborn.


Source: BBC

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