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9.17.12: Queen Elizabeth(‘s Hand-Washer) – DEAD!

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Pretty impressive until you realize that most of those jewels are actually Jolly Ranchers.

So I guess Queen Elizabeth had an official hand-washer, because that’s the kind of dry, goofy shit that British royalty find funny and that the rest of us have to pretend is clever. It’s like the time Prince Charles knighted half a bowl of Yorkshire pudding. The whole thing seems pretty stupid to me, but keep in mind: I *do* huff an awful lot of paint thinner.

Peter Houison Craufurd – who held the title Washer of the Sovereign’s Hands – performed the role when the 86-year-old monarch was in residence at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, but he passed away last week aged 82, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Peter was tasked with being the royal’s hand washer after his ancestors’ vanquished men who were abusing King James V, so the monarch gave his family a farm and promised them they could keep it as long as they had water and towels at the ready to wash his hands.

In appreciation, Craufurd was also granted access to the Queen’s private collection of snuff films. It’s one of those things you don’t necessarily start out looking for, but once you stumble onto it you wonder how you ever did without.


Source: Monsters and Critics

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