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8.10.13: Singer Eydie Gorme – DEAD!

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 EYDIE_GORMEHey! I once got lost in a field, too! Well, technically it was a Trader Joe’s. Sometimes, at night, I swear I can still hear The Spin Doctors playing in the distance.


Oh, hi! Come on in, I didn’t see you there. No, no, you’re not interrupting anything; I was just reading some obituaries over my morning coffee, as I do every day. I have assured myself that this isn’t weird at all.

Well, since you’ve already invaded my private space, I suppose I’ll let you know that Eydie Gorme is dead. She was one of those old-fashioned singers who had to be alluring with just her voice and never got the chance to Tweet pictures of her bush to strangers like today’s young starlets. It’s kinda like Rosa Parks dying before getting to see America elect a black president.

[1964’s Amor] became a hit throughout Latin America, which resulted in more recordings for the Latino market, and Lawrence and Gorme performed as a duo throughout Latin America.

“Our Spanish stuff outsells our English recordings,” Lawrence said in 2004. “She’s like a diva to the Spanish world.”

It’s that kind of crossover trailblazing that’s made it possible for projects like my worship band’s new hardcore LP, Forgive Me Father, for I Have… Rocked!, to get any kind of traction within the metal community. And yes, before you ask, Ronny James Diocese *does* have a bitchin’ cantor solo during “For Those About to Cassock.” Obviously.



Source: USA Today

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