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7.24.12: “Medical Center” Star Chad Everett – DEAD!

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Paging Doctor Irresistible! I think we may need to perform an emergency handsomectomy, stat! *sigh*

So Chad Everett, star of Medical Center, is dead today. He died of cancer because of course cancer. You know, in a way, jumping out of a skyscraper and shooting up at a helicopter full of secret agents as you plummet to your death could also be considered a kind of cancer. That’s not what happened this time, though. I’ll keep you posted.

Mr. Everett said he insisted that all the procedures depicted on Medical Center be performed as authentically as possible.

“I needed to know we were doing things right,” he told the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times in 1994. “We always had one, sometimes two or three, technical advisers on the set.”

In the same interview, Mr. Everett pointed out that the show addressed many subjects that were considered controversial at the time.

“We took on unfair insurance and employment practices,” he said, “and we did shows on alcoholism, transsexualism and homosexuality, among others.”

Well la di da, Captain Method Acting. I’m sure that all sounds impressive, until you see the pilot I’m working on: It’s a hard-boiled hospital drama that deals with real life issues, in much the same way that Medical Center did. The social commentary, the complex interrelationships, the moral and ethical ambiguity, all of it fraught with the kind of sexual tension you normally can only find in a Finnish bathhouse. But here’s the twist: The cast? All wild South American Howler Monkeys. You might be asking, “How would a bunch of monkeys manage to hold such esteemed positions in a real world environment, not to mention possess the cognitive abilities to get through medical school in the first place?” Those are the kinds of nuts and bolts I leave for the rewrite room. I’m just the big picture guy here.

Source: Washington Post

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