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6.5.12: Science Fiction Author Ray Bradbury – DEAD!

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The author, seen here with Bush and one of the emotionless automatons Bradbury tried to warn us about.


From the “It Should’ve Been You, Dan Brown!” file, author Ray Bradbury is dead today. Probably Bradbury’s best-known work was Fehrenheit 451, also known as the book you have listed as one of your favorites on your OK Cupid profile because you haven’t read a damn thing since 10th grade. Seriously, The Perks of Being a Wallflower? You fucking asshole.

Sam Weller, Bradbury’s biographer and friend, said in a posting on his website Wednesday, “I’ll never see you again. I’ll never see you again. I’ll never see you again.

“The problem with death, you once said to me, is that ‘it is so damned permanent,’ ” Weller’s statement said.

Hey, wow. A comment about death! That actually relates pretty well to what I’m doing here for once. Don’t get used to that kind of synchronicity, though. Tomorrow I’ll be going right back to clumsily steering this shit into Home Improvement references.

Anyway, if you’ll allow me to dust off the tweed sportscoat I got with my degree, I’ll break this down for you: Bradbury’s contribution to the science fiction/fantasy genre is significant because he understood that the “science” part doesn’t give an author carte blanche to toss out character development or narrative structure. The story shouldn’t be treated like something to get out of the way before the 20-page sex scene between the space prostitute and the quick-witted hero who’s not at all an avatar for the author and/or his sexually-frustrated readers. Bradbury managed to balance fantasy with a humanistic eye that made his stories easy to relate to no matter how outlandish they became. Hell, even the covers of his books were tasteful and artistic, instead of the autistically-collated projections of hormone-driven teenage fantasies most of Bradbury’s contemporaries seem to favor. Look:

For comparison’s sake, here’s an average modern-day science fiction book cover:



Okay, I originally made that cover as a joke, but if I’m being honest with you guys it’s really starting to look like a pretty awesome book. You know, I dated a green chick once. She was a model, but she lived in Canada, so you never met her, and her parents didn’t want me to take pictures of her so that’s why I don’t have any pictures of her to post but if I did I would post those pictures and you could see how hot she was.


Source: CNN

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