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6.4.12: Trololo Guy Eduard Khil – DEAD!

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No, he’s not the same as the Enzyte Guy. I can understand the confusion, since both have caused me to develop painful erections for sustained periods of time.


Like most of you, I get the bulk of my news from YouTube commenters. For instance, you know who I just found out is gay? Everyone. Also, the consensus seems to be that my mother can be easily convinced to dispense sexual favors to whomever requests them. It’s gonna be an awkward Thanksgiving, but I think not knowing was the worst part, you know?

But YouTube isn’t all about my mom’s total lack of a moral compass. It turns out they have videos up there now, too. And Eduard Khil, that cheerful fellow up there, racked up millions of views based on nothing but a wordless song, a commanding baritone, and a smile that claims legal residency in the Uncanny Valley. The whole package was positively Steve Harveyian in its ability to raise your spirits and make you momentarily forget about the constant din of Skrillex songs and parole officers that make life barely worth absent-mindedly trudging through until you inevitably hang yourself with a fanbelt in an Amaco bathroom. The preceding sentence also applies to heroin.

Eduard Khil, known to most Western audiences as Internet star “Mr. Trololo,” died early Monday in St. Petersburg after suffering a stroke in April. He was 77.

Khil, a baritone who was popular in the 1960s and ’70s in what was then the Soviet Union, received a number of awards during his career, including the People’s Artist of Russia honor, but it wasn’t until a 1976 TV performance surfaced online in late 2009 and hit big in early 2010 that he enjoyed international fame.

“The death of the exceptional singer, Eduard Khil, is an irretrievable loss to Russian culture,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Monday in a statement expressing his condolences. “He was truly a people’s artist. Several generations of people loved his songs not only in this country but also abroad.”

If you check out the source link they’ve actually got a recent picture of Khil, but seeing him outside of that gauzy, gaudy video we’ve all been watching for so long is just jarring to me. In my mind he’s so locked into that one very specific scenario that anything different brings on some extreme cognitive dissonance. It’s like when I saw that porno Mr. Rogers did. I mean, the production values were wonderful, I just wasn’t prepared. God, this post has been filthy.


Source: The Los Angeles Times

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