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6.19.13: James Gandolfini – DEAD!

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kinopoisk.ruJust for the record, the fact that Tough Guy Actors Playing with Farm Animals still isn’t a show on Animal Planet is the reason I’m disappointed in America. James Gandolfini counting baby ducks! Vin Diesel helping a momma sheep give birth! We could be watching an alpaca getting a bath from The Rock right NOW, what is wrong with you people!?


James Gandolfini, whose name I have no reason not to assume means “son of Gandolf” in Elvish, died suddenly yesterday of a possible heart attack at the age of 51. For six seasons Gandolfini starred in HBO’s The Sopranos, which, for those of you who never watched, predates Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Arrested Development as one of the first ever television shows to make your coworkers get all uppity with you for not watching. Get off my back, Linda! I’m not watching some stupid show about a bunch of dumbass opera singers, I’m a goddamn man.

Mr. Gandolfini, who had studied the Meisner technique of acting for two years, said that he used it to focus his anger and incorporate it into his performances. In an interview for the television series “Inside the Actors Studio,” Mr. Gandolfini said he would deliberately hit himself on the head or stay up all night to evoke the desired reaction.

If you are tired, every single thing that somebody does makes you mad, Mr. Gandolfini said in the interview. “Drink six cups of coffee. Or just walk around with a rock in your shoe. It’s silly, but it works.”

Or try writing a deathblog that nobody reads unless they want to bitch at you for being insensitive about the sax player from Men at Work dying under objectively bizarre circumstances. That shit feels like having splinters in your bloodstream 24 hours a day. Or so I’m told. By my less successful deathblogger friends. At our meetings. That we have. Regularly.

Source: The NY Times

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