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6.18.12: Beatles’ Film Actor Victor Spinetti – DEAD!

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Take THAT, vaguely-defined authority figure! You’ve just been playfully lampoon’d!


Oh man, nothing spells increased traffic like obscure actors dying under not uncommon circumstances.

Welsh actor and author Victor Spinetti is dead today at the age of 82. Spinetti was probably best known for appearing in bit roles in several of the Beatles’ films, playing the straight man to the band’s capering. Could Spinetti’s brief appearances have been the reason the films were receiving diminishing returns, leading to frustration among the band and therefore being the real reason they broke up? It’s not my place to say, but you’d have to admit that all of the pieces fit pretty well. It’s a good thing I’m writing all of this down.

Born in the Welsh town of Cwm in 1933, Spinetti’s grandfather was an Italian immigrant to Wales, a fact which was evident in his full name: Victorio Giorgio Andrea Spinetti. Educated in Cardiff at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Spinetti began a lifelong career in theatre, but was catapulted to international fame for his role as the slightly eccentric and humourless TV director in Alun Owen and Dick Lesters’ hugely successful and ground breaking rockumentary; A Hard Days Night(1964).

For those of you who never saw A Hard Day’s Night, it’s basically the proto-Spice World of the 60s. How far we’ve come. Hey, did you guys know that Scary Spice had Eddie Murphy’s illegitimate child? Man. It seems like that kid should really be able to ask for a do-over.


Source: Seattle PI

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