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6.11.12: Thriller, Michael Jackson’s Pet Tiger – DEAD!

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I couldn’t find a picture that I could confirm was Thriller, so instead here’s a black velvet painting of a tiger attacking Roy Horn. 


Hey, did you know that Michael Jackson owned a tiger named Thriller? Well, it doesn’t really matter either way, because he’s dead now. I hear Huey Lewis has a box turtle named Sports that’s doing okay, though.

[Actress Tippi] Hedren tells the Associated Press that an autopsy revealed that Thriller died of lung cancer on June 11. She says that Thriller and his brother Sabu were born in 1998 and lived with Jackson until 2006, when he left his Neverland Ranch.

I dunno, man. You know what pet *really* screams “pretentious weirdo”? Pygmy hippo. It’s this year’s sugar glider! Continuing…

Hedren took the two tigers in at her Shambala Preserve near Los Angeles at the insistence of Jackson’s veterinarian. However, Hedren says Jackson, who died in 2009, never called to check on the tigers or provide any money for their care after that.

Oh give the guy a break. Between not recording a new album and making ill-fated plans to build a giant robot version of himself to wander the deserts of Las Vegas it’s tough to find time to put in a phone call about your novelty pet’s well-being. I can’t even keep a houseplant alive and all I’ve got on my plate is donating plasma under assumed names. I don’t do it for the money, I do it for the challenge.

Source: USA Today. Sassy tiger image via Art by Jared.

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