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5.4.12: Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch – DEAD!

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Any other time that a white, middle-aged Jew can rap circles around you it just means you’re Soulja Boy.


If its ever-increasing presence in the tag cloud on the right is any indication, cancer is still not finished ruining everything for everyone. Hell, I pretty much started a post with this same statement just yesterday, and that’s not only because I suspect I may have the same brain problem as that Momento guy. Truly, cancer is the cancer of diseases.

Today Adam Yauch, aka MCA of the Beastie Boys, has died. Cause of death is presumably due to the cancerous salivary gland he had spent the last three years battling. He was 47. This is why we can’t have anything nice.

I shouldn’t have to tell you why the Beasties are significant. If you need to be told why Yauch’s death is a loss for music, and your last name isn’t Google, I don’t need your traffic. Philistine. But, by way of tribute, let’s one final time let the Block Quote…. mmmmmmdrop!

They offered many listeners in the 1980s their first exposure to hip-hop. They were vanguard white rappers who helped extend the art of sampling and gained the respect of their African-American peers.

While many hip-hop careers are brief, the Beastie Boys appealed not only to the fans they reached in the 1980s but to successive generations, making million-selling albums into the 2000s. They grew up without losing their sense of humor or their ear for a party beat.

The Beastie Boys started their major-label career with two pivotal albums: “Licensed to Ill” (1986), a cornerstone of rap-rock that became the first hip-hop album to top the Billboard chart, and “Paul’s Boutique” (1989), a wildly eclectic, sample-based production that became a template for experimental hip-hop.

Yauch and the Beasties maintained a social and political consciousness throughout most of their career, most notably working towards freedom for Tibet from China’s occupation. Alright, so that hasn’t panned out just yet, but the effort is nonetheless admirable. Most famous musicians spend so much time designing clothing lines and starring in shitty vanity projects that they don’t even bother learning to play instruments, let alone use their fame to do any good for anyone. Aside from the Beasties and U2 pretty much the only other group setting an example for socially responsible musicians is the Right Said Fred Coalition for Mesh T-Shirt Awareness. In 2012 that may sound like something that doesn’t really need “awareness” spread about it, but that just goes to show you how successful it was. Point is, maybe if Gwen Stefani cared more about cancer and less about making sure that impressionable idiots with deep pockets were always swaggin’ in fashions so gaudy that Bill Cosby’s sweater would sign a petition against color-blocking Yauch would still be around and we wouldn’t be short another fantastic musician. And I wouldn’t have to post after five o’clock on a Friday. That’s right, I’m calling it: Gwen Stefani murdered Adam Yauch.


Source: The New York Times

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