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5.27.12: Boxer Johnny Tapia – DEAD!

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Apparently Tapia got his tattoos done by the same guy who airbrushed the 1986 Ford Econoline that’s been illegally parked across the street from me for the past year and a half.


Five time boxing champion Johnny Tapia is dead today, which is really something you should’ve gleaned from the headline and picture up there. I dunno, maybe you have some kind of cognitive learning disorder or something. I’m not a neurologist, get off my case.

Johnny Tapia, the five-time boxing champion whose turbulent career was marked by cocaine addiction, alcohol, depression and run-ins with the law, was found dead Sunday at his Albuquerque home. He was 45.

Authorities were called to the house at about 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, spokesman Robert Gibbs said. The death didn’t appear to be suspicious, he said.

Or at least that’s what spokesman Robert Gibbs would prefer everyone believe. This guy really seems to have a keen interest in wrapping this case up nice and quiet, is all I’m saying.

In a 1990s-era feud with fellow Albuquerque boxer and former world champion Danny Romero, Tapia’s fans anointed him with the slang Spanish title of “Burque’s Best.”

But his life was also marked by tragedy. He was orphaned at 8, his mother stabbed 26 times with a screwdriver and left to die.

JESUS CHRIST, MAN. Did this just turn into the script for a Jason Statham movie somehow? I was all set to complain about how I was gonna keep this post short because my knee feels weird, but now I guess I’ll just spend a few hours looking in the mirror and calling myself a pussy. Which is really more of a weekend activity, so this has kinda screwed up my whole dayplanner.


Source: Sports Illustrated

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