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4.6.12: Thomas Kinkade, the “Painter of Light” – DEAD!

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He and Bob Ross are in heaven now, taking turns fingerblasting Georgia O’Keeffe in the alley behind Space Arby’s. The afterlife is filthy.


Thomas Kinkade, the self-proclaimed “Painter of Light” (a title he stole from J.M.W. Turner during what I have to assume was the most effete SummerSlam ever), died on Friday at the age of 54. The assumed culprit is natural causes, which doesn’t sound oddly vague at all. One thing we can be certain of, though: Your grandma’s kitchen calendar will never be the same. You should start brainstorming a new thoughtless Christmas gift for her now.

The art world often criticized Kinkade’s style, flea market-ready schlockscapes bathed in the kind of gauzy lightness that made Norman Rockwell look like H.R. Giger, as nothing more than an attempt at creating an easily mass-produced empire aimed squarely at the lowest common denominator. Essentially, that he was the Tyler Perry of log cabin paintings. But if he was such a shameless panderer wouldn’t I have an hilariously overwrought and pretentious quote to stick in right about………… NOW?

“Art is forever,” Kinkade told “60 Minutes” in 2007. “It goes front and center on your wall, where everyday the rest of your life you see that image. And it is shaping your children, it’s shaping your life.”

Well I’m convinced. And inspired! So here’s a painting I just whipped up of me punching the moon.


I really like the way it captures my passion for punching the moon.


Source: Mercury News

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