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3.12.12: NBA Assistant Dick Harter – DEAD!

Filed under: Dead —James @ 9:02 am March 14, 2012

Last time I visited a sports website my computer smelled like Axe Body Spray for a month, so you’re just gonna have to make due with this artist’s conception. I feel it hits all the key elements.


I don’t do a lot of sports posts here because that shit is boring and if I wanna watch muscular sweaty dudes giving each other smoldering looks I already know how to use RedTube. But NBA star Dick Harter died on Monday at the age of 81, and that’s notable because ‘Dick Harter’ is the name I used to prank call bars with back when I was a juvenile young kid. I miss those days, but I guess nobody gets to stay 26 forever.

I’m not even sure what team Harter played for, so let’s just say it was the Cleveland DuRags. Jeez, there really isn’t much journalistic content in this, is there? This is what I get for hanging an entire post on a 60-year-old penis joke. I mean the joke is that old. Not the penis. Ugh. Right about now I’m really wishing I hadn’t given up the backspace key for lent.

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