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2.4.13: Jazz Trumpeter Donald Byrd – DEAD!

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 DONALD_BYRD I enjoy this picture a lot more if I imagine that the harder he blows the more it makes his afro grow out. Look, I’m trying to learn to appreciate jazz here, but you’re really gonna have to meet me halfway.


Jazz Trumpeter Donald Byrd is dead, and my reporting on it really does a lot to class up a resume that’s mostly filled with Cheeto stains and borderline anti-Semitic remarks. Despite being considered an innovator of the “hard-pop” style, Byrd’s reputation has been hampered by being literally the only jazz musician to neither appear on The Cosby Show nor OD on heroin. They’re sorta the twin jewels of jazz credibility.

 In 1958, he signed an exclusive recording contract with the Blue Note label and formed a band with a fellow Detroit native, baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams, making their label debut with the 1959 album “Off to the Races.” The band became one of the leading exponents of the hard-bop style, which evolved from bebop and blended in elements of R&B, soul and gospel music.

Pfft. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites. Oh, sure, everyone gets all weepy when some jazzy triangle player or whatever dies, but nobody even noticed when the entire genre of nu metal died in 2002. Don’t you remember the good times? Mudvayne, Puddle of Mudd? It was the golden age of mud-based band names, for Durst’s sake! Have you even considered what happened to the guy from Papa Roach? He has no other employable skills, nu metal was his last resort, assholes! Static-X!


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