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11.8.12: Electronic Music Composer Pete Namlook – DEAD!

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Is that Photoshopped?

German electronic music pioneer/real-life Dieter from “Sprockets” Pete Namlook is dead today of “unspecified causes,” which is strange to me because I thought all German artists just died from existential torment. Hazard of the job, man, hazard of the job.

The man born Peter Kuhlmann (“Namlook” is his name pronounced backwards) was an incredibly prolific artist from the ’90s on, releasing some 130 albums over the course of his career. These included numerous collaborations with artists like Richie Hawtin, Uwe Schmidt (as Atom Hart), Biosphere and Move D among many others. He also ran his own label, FAX +49-69/450464 (often known simply as Fax), which released more than 100 CDs and records in its first year of operation.

Jesus, that is postmortem Tupac levels of output. You see that, Jack Gilbert? Maybe if you would’ve spent less time carefully describing boobs and more time mainlining Ecstasy at the Electric Daisy Festival you’d have secured enough residuals to allow your loved ones to, I don’t know, purchase a boat on which to live out the rest of their days in nautical luxury. I have a lot of good life ideas.

Annnnd now the German ravers hate me, too. Bring it on, schlechter verlierer; I’ll see your glowsticks from a mile away.

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