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11.30.12: “Tank McNamara” Creator Jeff Millar – DEAD!

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Flawless execution of the classic three-panel strip format: Panel one, set-up; Panel two, indisputably hilarious joke; Panel three, explain the joke to make sure that everyone gets to join in on the fun.


Jeff Millar, the creator of the Tank McNamara comic strip, died on Friday after suffering from biliary cancer. If you never got the chance to read it, Tank McNamara was the only thing that Bill Watterson officially endorsed Calvin pissing on. The Lockhorns were actually a pretty happy couple until being on the same page as Tank drove them both to alcoholism, infidelity, and a tragic murder/suicide pact. God, just look at this:

It’s like he finished the strip and forgot there was a fourth panel to fill. Honestly, this thing has the comedic timing of improv night at the methadone clinic, which is an event that exists solely to give me something to compare Tank to. It’s the only comic strip that actually *starts out* as bird cage lining. At least Cathy tried to be interesting by making the main character transsexual, everyone in Tank just looks like they were hoping Gary Larson would’ve called them back by now.

In conclusion, I have to give Tank McNamara a score of 4.5 out of 5 bizarrely-exposed live-action Marmaduke genitals:

Hell, even that image has a more satisfying narrative arc than your average Tank installment.


Source: The Houston Chronicle (which calls itself “The Chron” now, because it’s still 1996.)

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