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11.2.13: Sociologist Clifford Nass – DEAD!

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CLIFFORD_NASSIs that the new Grand Theft Auto?! I dunno, I think it looks pretty good. All those pedestrians and other cars in the old games really made it hard for me to get around the city, I just sat in traffic the whole time I was playing. I really don’t get what you guys liked about it so much.


Hey! HEY! Look over here! Did you know you’re terrible at doing things? It’s true! But it’s not really your fault: You just have no focus. That part is your fault, though, so I guess it’s kinda your fault after all. Point is, science dork Clifford Nasswho passed away recently, thanks for askingbelieved that you’re multitasking too much and it’s turned your brain into a soft, doughy mush. I have to admit, I think he was onto something. Your business cat photoshops have been pretty weak lately.

…[W]orrisome to Nass was his finding that people who regularly jumped into four or more information streams had a tougher time concentrating on just one thing even when they weren’t multitasking. By his estimate, “the top 25%” of Stanford’s students were in that category.

In a 2011 lecture at the university, Nass said writing samples from freshman multitaskers showed a tendency toward shorter sentences and disconnected paragraphs.

“We see less complex ideas,” he said. “They’re living and writing in a staccato world.”

“We could essentially be undermining the thinking ability of our society,” he said. “We could essentially be dumbing down the world.”

Alright, well, because I’m both open-minded and dangerously suggestible, I’ll give it a try. In honor of the guy whose name I forgot because I was texting dick pix while reading about his death, I’m going to cool it with the multitasking: From now on, I’m only allowing my body to use one vital function at a time. Nervous system? Get in line, you veiny schmuck, it’s respiratory’s time to shine! And do I really need both a reproductive system and an endocrine system? Too many cooks, if you ask me. Let’s just merge that into a single “gettin’ busy” system. Also, the integumentary system may just be completely made up, so I’m only letting it operate on weekends and holidays, when the rest of the body is closed anyway. Man, I feel better already. We’re talking about critical health here, you’ve got to focus your energy or you might send a lung down your colon or something. It happens. Believe me, it happens.

Source: The LA Times