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10.22.12: Actor and Activist Russell Means – DEAD!

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A wristwatch? Oh, I’m sorry, Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Rev. Katsuzo Sawada, I thought your belief structure was all about *avoiding* the trappings of materialism, not selling your eternal soul to the Timex corporation. I guess I was mistaken.

Native American activist Russell Means, who spent four decades fighting for the rights of indigenous peoples, is dead today at the age of 72. So watch out, flea markets and swap meets of Wasatch County, Utah; Whitey’s coming for whatever you’ve got left. Unless it’s just a bunch of those dreamcatcher things. Nobody wants those.

Means was also an actor, a musician and a writer, because the proud Oglala Sioux people used every part of the corporate media distribution system. (I like that because it’s kinda both a compliment and an insult.)

Diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2011, and given only a short time to live, Means used native treatments and remedies and opted out of chemotherapy and radiation. He died on his ranch this week and is survived by his wife, Pearl Daniels, and his nine children.

Points for sticking to his beliefs, even when it may’ve cost him his life. It’s kinda like when you said you weren’t gonna get married until gay marriage was legalized everywhere, except that Means didn’t pussy out at 27 because someone called him a spinster.

Source: The Nation

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